The Blackbird video is a collaborative music visualization project by Katja Schweiker and Thomas Frenzel. Both are working with an experimental approach on intermedia projects, striving for content generated designs.

This artwork was done for Michael Fakeschs audio-visual project called VIDOS—a collection of music visualizations based on Michaels latest album DOS. The video‘s design is based on visual samples that quote Michaels auditory style and mixes analog with digital elements—metaphors of the real and the immaterial. It‘s about trying and failure—trying to leave behind, trying to live in a forward-turned way, trying not to resign or surrender, trying to get aware.

The video found its place on the VIDOS DVD release among some of the most renowned motion graphic artists and was already shown at the Austrian sound:frame Festival 2008, at the Festival Vision'R AVit in Paris, France, at the Festival of Animated Film 2008 in Stuttgart, Germany. It was also published by the German electronic music magazine Slices.
Blackbird by Michael Fakesch

!K7 Records

Katja Schweiker and Thomas Frenzel

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Cornelia and Holger Lund/Fluctuating Images and Patrick Schuler

Katja Schweiker and Thomas Frenzel.
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